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"I couldn't stop myself when the vision of one such as yourself appears before me... You can fly! "

◸ Unichan is a comedy kinect novel, set in a dreamy/fantasy like place about a little girl who meets a talkative merry-go-round unicorn who wants to be freed from his duty in the amusement park and learn the secrets of flying. ◹

◸ As soon as Melusine turns 10, her mother lets her go to the amusement park near her house for the first time. Fable Realm, as it's called, however, reveals their very own special features, such as a fully alive merry-go-round unicorn that talks a lot! Melusine develops a friendship with him, and the unicorn reveals her his ultimate dream: he wants to fly. ◹

PS: Please note that this is a demo version of the game done for Nanoreno and it has about 10 mins gameplay, 1 original main theme song and 1 cute chibi scene. The full game will be released in Q2 2019!

Full game will feature:

♦ A cute unicorn.
♦ Duration of +- 55 min.
♦ +- 19,000 words.
♦ Chibi scenes.
♦ 5 CGs.
♦ Original soundtrack composed by Elektrobear.
♦  Around 11 backgrounds.
♦ Retouched art.
♦ Better writing (lol I've learned a lot since I started this).
♦ Improved programming.

Umiloo team:

Scriptwriter, programmer, gui designer: Nana;
BGs, CGs, portraits: Anglerman;


Music for this demo: Ashley Kampta, Doodled, Palas;

Special thanks:

PyTom, Uncle Mugen's imagebutton gui sample, H/Mix and lemmasoft forums.


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unichan_demo-mac.zip 98 MB
unichan_demo-linux.tar.bz2 101 MB


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I really wish this was no longer a demo.  I laughed and had so much fun playing your cute anime game.  I loved the vibrant pastel backgrounds and illustrations are so beautiful.  The unicorn is so fluffy!  🦄

Is this project dead?


No! :D I started work on a commercial game that I finished 12th december 2019, so I'll work on this again at some point!

This game kinda gives me sailor moon vibes in a way i love it :D

Really cute, the song, the characters and the MC imagination. Melusine looks like a creative and energetic child, can't wait to see how she'll do to keep her promise to the cute Unicorn baby.